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The Polaroid company production includes digital photo & video technics, gadgetry & beautiful decisions in light technology.

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The Polaroid company was founded in 1937/ Is one of the most famous brands with a more then half century history
- During many years the Polaroid company is known as a reliable producer of high quality goods and the recognition of it is that people of the 5 continents confess in the company production.
- Nowadays, the produce of Polaroid company is a photo and video technics, gadgetry, including accessories, a beautiful decision in light diodes.
- The Polaroid lightdiode lamps are sold successfully in the Europe, USA, Canada and SAR.

Our principles
We are rely able in our work and are proud of it
We have a great choice of different kind of LED of various propose
We use only the best light diodes for our lamps
We offer the best combination of quality and price
We are you reliable partner with a long history



The XXI century is the epoch of light diodes. Every year the light diodes lamps take the new home use sources of light market share. Polaroid is a brand of world wide popularity and recognition, which only recalls good associations is customers: prestige, quality, reliability and affordability.

The polaroid Company uses only the modern equipment , choosing the parts carefully for the production of LED with up to 35 years life time. The assortment is formed especially to satisfy the demands of the most customers. The Polaroid LED has a eye-pleasant warm light and perfect design, making comfortable atmosphere. Moro over, our lamps are of highest energy efficiency and save up to 95% energy.

The Polaroid’s LEDs are ecological and don’t contain toxic substance, harmful for environment and are steady to energy drops. All LEDs correspond to stated characteristics and certified EAC and CE. Warranty – 2 years.

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The economic expediency of Polaroid Leds usage

LED is the most modern alternative to old bulbs. LED assortment has been widened recently, that makes the obstacles for customers to choose the Led of prior quality. Here, we will help you to make the right choice of LED.

Table efficiency

The LED producer choice

If you decided to buy LED, then according to our specialists advice, it is better to pay your attention to the laps of well-known brand and as a rule, a reliable producer. The leading world brands, including Polaroid, care for teir reputation and product quality. LED of such producers must have been certified seriously.



The package

The information on the box of the lamp must be clear and easy to read. There also should be a product barcode. The marking of the brand and its main technic characteristics must be seen on the box and on the lamp itself. There must be a booklet inside the box too, with a warranty and safety montage instructions.

lamp base

There are different types of bases for different types of light devices. In the line of LED Polaroid there are shown models of LED-lamp with all types of bases.


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As a rule, the lamps and upper-lights are rely on the usage of the sources of light, corresponding to the size of lamps. Polaroid LED repeat the form and the size of usual bulbs.


LED consume approximately 7-10 times less energy. That’s why it’s less powerful, than an ordinary bulb with the same technic characteristics. Notice that while choosing the cheaper analog. 100W=12W.


The color temperature

The most suitable color for home lighting corresponds 2700-3000K. It is soft warm light looking like a light of a bulb. Also the neutral light 4100K is used along with the warm light. Polaroid LED are produced in this range of light temperatures.

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LED Pulse

You cannot see the flicking of the light with an eye, but it influences your health. All Polaroid LEDs don’t have such flicking effect.




Most LEDs work from 220V Voltage. Lamps at 12V voltage are used with rooms of high humidity. Notice the information on the box – it will allow you to choose the lamp with more reliable energy block.

Color quality

Color quality is measured in units (Ra), and can be from 0 to 100 is considered a good color rendering index Ra ≥ 80.



The angle of the light beam

Choose carefully the angle of the lamp light, according to it’s purpose. If the lamp is neede fore closed or special lamp device, the angle between 36 and 120 will do. If it will be in the open upper light, it will be better to choose the lamp with an open flask.

Life time.

LED lifetime is 25000 – 35000 hours. The product price depends on this factor, because more expensive components are used for a lamp with a longer lifetime.




Warranty for all Polaroid LEDs is 2 years.

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Warranty for all LEDs is 2 years.

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